Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hug an alpaca!

Want to be cheered up go hug an alpaca!  No not really they are kind of skittish and don't normally spit but may if they get angry enough or scared.  We had to watch out for the pregnant one she was extra feisty.  We did get to feed them though and my son thought that it was hilarious when they ate out of his hand.  He laughed and laughed.  He didn't understand that you had to  open your hand up though so he kept trying to chase them around with a hand full of food but kept his fist clenched tight so the food wouldn't fall and was so confused why they wouldn't eat it.  He also got to see a rooster and a tractor which are now two of his favorite things!  Apparently this kid loves not only being outdoors but around animals and farms.  It was kind of a drive but totally worth it!  I did not get to get my workout in that day and I felt it was totally worth it.  My mom went with us and took the wonderful photos!  She's a trooper she had just flown in the night before at 10:30 pm she's got more energy than me I swear!  Later that afternoon I hung out with a friend that I hadn't gotten to bs with in a long time and she took me to get ice cream, her car washed, then a beer, quite the girl date right?  :-) The important part was we got to catch up and for once I wasn't anxious to get back because I knew I had just spent all morning with my son giving him a fun experience.  I also figured hubs had it covered for a couple of hours.

The next day I went with my son and my brother to the botanical gardens for another meetup and for some photo ops.  Of course my son had decided to kiss a rock the day before and had a little scratch on his cheek but we take the good with the bad.  Another fun filled day.  I did manage to get a run in that afternoon finally around 5pm only three miles but that's better than nothing.  I figure I need to stop stressing about my work outs and enjoy this time that I have with my son.  If it means I'll be a little slow for the next couple of years I'm going to find a way to be ok with that.  Sometimes that's hard to remember in the moment.  And it's crazy to think that with all this fun it was also a stressful weekend.  Not all the errands were ran and hubs and I butted heads a little.  But in the end it all comes together for the little guy the one we do it all for.  As long as he's happy we're happy.  It may be a rough Monday morning and my future may feel uncertain but in the end I come home to that smiling face and as he grabs my finger to show me something new that he's super excited about or wraps his arms around me for a big hug and kiss the rest melts away.

Team Hoyt was the grand marshal at the Boston Marathon!  Talk about inspiring all those brave runners that worked so hard to get there and who better to start them off!  Those are lessons I hope my son learns from the sport one day.  Perseverance!  Don't sweat the small stuff!

Happy Training!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Triathlon Blunders

We've all been there, you can admit it!  Don't you love that feeling of being the rookie?  I'm a rookie at the beginning of every triathlon season even if it's my 25th season in the game.  But as long as we can look back and laugh about it we're all good!  I remember crossing the finish line of a duathlon and I was so tired because the winds were so strong and happy to cross the finish line that I forgot to clip out when I stopped and fell right over!  Then two helpful spectators felt sorry for me and came over to help but didn't get that I was still clipped in and were trying to rip my bike apart from me! :-)

Yup been there!
This is like one of those things out of a Highlights magazine "how many things can you spot wrong?" Illustration by Hunter King.

Ever eat a full meal in transition?

Ha!  This screams Ironkids Nationals for me in Dallas about 20 year ago we saw kids like this and it was so intimidating at the time. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Fling Triathlon Race Recap

Wow what a weekend!  Lots to do, fun packed, and exhausting but the good kind even if it means you're not quite ready to go Monday morning!  Ok about this Spring Fling Race Recap here we go.  Let's start with the good!  This was a very well ran race that was well organized in my opinion.  I didn't see anything missing (except for maybe some post race fuel but I didn't look that hard either).  The course was fun we ran through the campus and biked out towards the snake heads which meant there were a couple of nice hills and it ended in the olympic pool.  We usually have to do reverse tris when there is a lack of open water.  This usually works in my favor since running is was my weakest sport and it's good for me to start with that while I'm fresh, more on that later.  I was super excited to do this race because it was going to be my first one since last Mother's day and before that I hadn't done one since Dec. 2012.  So you can see it's been a rocky two plus years getting back into the sport since my son was conceived.  I have been doing lots of running races in between there because it's usually the easiest to train for since I can take the stroller when needed.  Wow did that show during the race.  Usually I just get by on the run and really make up time and get my place during the bike then maintain during the swim. This time the only good part of the triathlon was the run!  I was toast for the rest of the race I don't know what happened!!  I was so not ready for this feeling. My son captured my feelings pretty well in these photos:
Pre race - excited, a little nervous but let's do this

Mid race - Huh? What's going on here?
Post race: whaaaaa!  That did not go as expected at all!!!!!

Me in the blue cap, yes letting someone pass me I'm pretty sure doing breast stroke!!

Packing the night before a triathlon when you are taking a toddler a) pack your gear b) pack enough stuff for your son to stay fed and entertained c) tell your husband you love him and love the fact that he's taking your son to cheer for his mom but that he's on his own for breakfast that morning (he handled it all like a champ I really appreciate that he went to support me)

So I learned a few things from this race and it turns out it's a good thing I did this early season race as a wake up call I learned what I've been doing right and what I've been doing wrong. 
1.) The extra running I've been doing is paying off and I can get faster with some extra interval training.
2.) I way overestimated my fitness level and I'm no where near recovered from having a baby even though I feel like I am and should be.
3.) I need to get on the actual road for my bike training at least once a week being on the trainer is no where near the same as being on the road and hills and it showed in my bike time which if I would have been where I'm use to being I could have placed I totally messed up on this leg of the race
4.) I was toast on the swim I'm usually somewhere around 8 mins. this one took me almost 11 min. I could not feel my feet or arms for almost half of the swim, part was due to me being a little cold from the bike ride and part was because I'm not use to feeling this toasted by the end of the race
5.) I have awesome friends and family that support me my husband was amazing during and after this race, he had my son clapping for me every time I ran by, he kept my son happy and entertained during, and he put up with my foul mood after the triathlon
6.) I need to find more time to train and train more intensely during the time I do have to train!
7.) I still love this sport and it's good to get my butt kicked every once in a while to get me back on track.
8.) There were a great group of athletes out there that did awesome and I was so happy to see some good triathlon friends out there again and I'm so thankful for being part of this community
9.) I need to stay on top of my nutrition and shed a few more pounds off that I let creep back up and I was so dehydrated it wasn't even funny, trying to hydrate just the day before is not enough!
10.) I did leave it all out there I pushed as hard as I could I just didn't have any more in me! I felt like I was going to puke twice out there...

Afterwards we went to a fundraiser for some lunch and live music and my son danced his little booty off!

Happy Training!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Race Spectator Etiquette and my weekend...

I don't know why but on my bike ride this weekend I started thinking about race spectator etiquette maybe it's because I have my first sprint triathlon of the season coming up this weekend and I really really really hope hubs decides to take my son to see me.  It makes me so happy to see his smiling face at the finish line.  Although maybe it's scary to him to see his mommy looking like she's about to die...

Here are some I thought of:

1. Never ever say you're almost there to someone in a race.  Back when I was a rookie someone said this to me once and I started sprinting for it and realized we still had like a mile left.  Someone else said it's ok if the end is with in a mile well only if you are a way better athlete than I...

2. Don't use the race path as a cross walk...

3. Don't tell someone to kick it in to catch someone in front of them right before the finish line when that someone is a little 10 year old, come on they're not in your age group just let them have it, your ego will recover I promise.

4. Funny signs are encouraged and do help at least for me!

5.  Ass slaps are only appropriate if you know the person...

6.  If you are lucky enough to have a huge cheer squad there for you hope that they cheer just as loud for the people directly behind you because it's never fun being the one left in a wake of silence.

I'm sure I missed some very important ones but that's all I've got for now.

This weekend was great!  I got an early morning hill run in watching the sun rise and the dog even behaved for almost the entire run!  Sunday I went for my 3rd ride off of the trainer for this season and my 1st one on the open road the other two had been on a bike path.  It felt amazing!!  I do still remember how to ride on the road!  WooHooo!!  My legs were achy due to the hills but I really enjoyed myself.  I was even going to get to go for a swim that afternoon and when I showed up I realized city pools aren't open for Easter!  Darn it..  I went home and cleaned the kitchen floor instead.  We had Aiden's first Easter egg hunt in the comfort of our own backyard and not in our Sunday best just in pjs low key is always nice!  Ok this next comment I hope doesn't offend anyone because I know I have some good friends that are reps but I tried for a second time putting these nail wraps on ( I won't mention the brand name) with no success.  They take a long time to put on correctly but at least you don't have to wait for them to dry but then they are peeling off by the very next day.  Sorry I tried to like them because in theory it sounds like a good idea and I thought I could try to be a little girly without the mess but these just didn't work out for me.  They look good from far away but it's only the next morning and I'm already fighting to keep them on.  I'm sure maybe I'm just not putting them on correctly I am known to be short on patience for these types of things.  That about sums it up for me.  First sprint triathlon of the season is next weekend!!! I'm so excited and nervous and ready to get back into it!

For any local peeps I tried this place last week and LOVED it!!!  Sushi was amazing I wander if this a chain.. 
Happy Training!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekends are for?

 Weekends are for relaxing and recuperating so that we are ready to tackle the week ahead right?  AHHHHAAAAA!!!  Said no mom ever!  It's when I take my second shift as cook, entertainer, dog walker, cleaner, laundry mat, caring wife, oh and yes a little bit of training!  I wanted to take a nap so bad yesterday during my sons nap but I had to take advantage of the downtown to get some stuff done.  But I do manage to get a lot done and if it's the only I can fit in every thing then so be it.   I'd rather live a jam packed life and feel like I'm squeezing every last drop out of it instead of letting Sunday come and wishing we had done this or that.  Yes, eating healthy, exercising and having a clean house is sometime over rated but I find I feel better when I have all these things in order.  I also have those weekends when it looks like a tornado has hit all rooms and I really could care less I just let it wait until the next weekend.  That's why we are so lucky we have that choice. 

Saturday I set my priorities and #1 became getting to REI to spend my $8 dividend on some socks and be one of the first ones there to get my free tshirt. :-) Then I saw this book and I decided I just had to have it.  Yes, total impulse buy which I never do as a matter of fact I usually give hubs a hard time for always doing that.  I'm on a reading kick lately not sure why but I'm really enjoying it.  It's probably because it's the quietest thing I can think of doing when my son is asleep.  He of course ran around the store wanting to get on every single bike he saw.

 Then priority #2 was going grocery shopping.  Every week as soon as I get home I do this.  I put all the fruits in veggies in a cold water/vinegar bath then brush them clean after letting them sit for a while.  That way they are washed and ready to go as I need them during the week.  I also prep a bunch of food for the week.  It's the only way I can manage to have home cooked meals most nights.  My son has hit his finicky toddler eating phase and it's driving us nuts.  This weekend we had a broken plate tantrum incident which resulted in him eating outside in his high chair while I cleaned.  And no matter how many times he asked for "agua" which he does for attention I was not going to give in especially considering he had already thrown it on the floor.  I love that kiddo! :-) but sometimes mom has to set some boundaries. 

 I'm trying a new thing for lunch: protein, spinach, frozen berry shakes with some fresh veggies.  I have to be able to eat a quick lunch since I don't have much time after getting a lunch time workout in!
 We went for a really nice hike this Sunday up the La Luz Trail and used our super comfy pack for "A" and the dog even got to join in the fun.  I managed to hike for an hour with the extra 30 pounds on my pack going uphill.  I was pretty sweaty and tired by the time it was time to turn around and for hubs to take over. 

I have my first sprint triathlon in 2 weeks and I'm panicking a little.  I'm not even sure I've actually been on the road with my bike yet this season just been in the garage on the trainer.  So next weekend I plan on getting out.  At least I've been in the pool a few times and I've kept up my running.  Last week was a good week for workouts and I felt strong during my sprint workout.