Friday, January 23, 2015

Intense vs Intenisity

I started thinking about this for some reason when I started thinking about interval training.   I've always been a little intimidated by high intensity workouts even though they take less time.  I've been comfortable with enduring discomfort for long periods of time and been ok with being slow.  But due to that I tend to enter races that are either really short (5k or sprint triathlon) or races that are long (Ironmant, half and full marathon).  But the Olympic Distance triathlon and distances in running like a 10k have always been my Achilles heel.   So I had a talk with myself and told myself that I need to get comfortable with interval training and try a 10k and an Olympic tri this year without feeling it's a lost cause.

I think part of my problem is that I've always thought intense and intensity meant pretty much the same thing.  Lately there is a difference:
Intense = In your face, always on high alert, big personality or big goal, overwhelming, tiring
Intensity = Level of output, short but focused, quick way to see big results, satisfying, hard yet attainable

So while I may dislike intense maybe I can become good friends with intensity!!!

I did a google image search and see the difference in what I found for each ;-)



On a side note last weekend it was the weirdest thing.  It was a nice sunny day out and I met up with some friends for a bike ride.  When I got home I jumped in the shower and all of a sudden became chilled.  I didn't want to get out of the shower and kept making the water hotter.  When I got out I couldn't get warm.  The rest of the night I felt like death horrible chills, queasy stomach couldn't eat all day.  achy bones, sensitive skin.  All night I was sweating like crazy.  Then the next morning I felt fine other than tired.  Weird little bug.  The next day it hit my husband and the day after that my dad.  As long as our little kiddo doesn't get it I'll be happy.  It was quick, but it was intense! :-)

Happy Training!!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Licks and kisses and falls!

What do licks, kisses, and falls have in common?  Well they are all there for a reason I suppose....

Every morning as  I leave the house for work my dog is on the couch staring out the window as if she doesn't even care that I exist and my son is usually crying and clinging to me as if I were doing such an injustice to him!  Then every evening as I return from a long hard day at work I can barely get through the door because my dog is wagging her tail eager to cover me in her licks and my son is excitedly yelling gibberish at me trying to grab my hand to take me to some new and exciting spot (usually the kitchen).  My husband is somewhere in the house usually on his phone or adding to the pile of mail I need to go through but I believe he tries to give me some room to get in.  I have two choices right then and there I can be drug down by the extra weight of my child and dog and let all my bags fall to the ground along with me and let the exhaustion set in or I can laugh hysterically at the fact that I can't balance my bags on my shoulders as the excitement of my little kiddos (yes my dog is a second child) re energizes me and gives me the extra oomph I need to cook some dinner and do bed time routines.  Then on days I didn't have time to work out at lunch hopefully get in a workout while they are fast asleep.  The good thing is if I make the wrong decision one day I have the next day to make the right one!

This weekend I was so excited to get out for a run on Sunday that I tripped and fell and bruised up and scraped my knees.  The second I hit the ground my dog came running back to me and licked me as if her life depended on it.  I'm pretty sure there was some french kissing going on at one point.  But instead of letting the throbbing of my knees keep me down I laughed at how enthusiastically she was encouraging me to get back up.  I did the rest of the run a little slower but still just as excited to be out.  When I got home my son was there to help me stretch and he kept sitting on my lap and I hugged him until he broke free!  They are there whether I'm down or up and with just as much joy for life either way.  I hope to use every day to make the right choice but on the days I don't like this morning when I was overwhelmed by having to do laundry, wash dishes, feed myself and my son, and prep my lunch before work and I gave in to a knee jerk reaction that set me off (this is like my fall on my run) I hope to remember the licks and kisses and laugh it all off, get right back up on that treadmill of life!  My son just started giving us real kisses and it was the best thing EVER in the whole world!

Monday, January 5, 2015

January, my favorite month!

Yes, January is my favorite month for so many reasons.  There are the obvious ones: fresh start and a new year, renewed gusto in everything job, life, goals, etc.  There are the ones that are specific to me:  It's my birthday month and my birthday is my favorite holiday to celebrate!!  I love the clean crisp air that winter brings and January seems to be a great month for winter.  When snow covers up what is normally grey and gloomy, people are still buzzing from the high of the holidays but not dealing with the stress of it anymore and not yet upset about being back at work, and the sun is still shining which makes it not seem quite as cold! 

We have had a doozy of a year getting use to parenthood, hubs being in school full time, me at a new job etc.  I never set new years resolutions.  I'm more the type that likes to have ongoing goals and reevaluate them every couple of months and adjust as necessary.  This year my husband approached me with a some "promises" instead of resolutions he had for us and I liked them.  Some are private but one I liked is that he wants us to do a bike race together!  I'm looking forward to that one.  He is going to pick one, make a plan that will somehow allow both of us to have time to train for it and then get us there!  I decided I needed to make time to get back to triathlons this year.  I'm going to be more realistic in my expectations though.  I will pick out about 3 to do probably 2 sprints and 1 olympic.  I will need to be ok with training during times that may not be ideal for me.  Like at 8pm after I've put my son down and I'm either tired and full or tired and starving.  But in order to train for 3 sports I'm going to need a gut check literally and figuratively.  :-)  I also will find constructive ways to handle if I feel someone is putting up a road block to my training.  If there is a complaint about my training getting in the way of something I will not shut down and let that be the end of my training I will work with that person on how we can make adjustments and make it work.  So I'm excited to set out a schedule for the year!
Laughing with my brother

My BFF and mom
My 2013 birthday was probably the best ever and hubs threw me the best surprise birthday party I've ever had with so many friends and family.  What he wasn't planning on at the time is that we would have just found out I was pregnant so I wouldn't be able to drink my favorite beer and I wouldn't be able to eat my meal because I'd be in the bathroom sick.  But I got to see so many friends and family that night that I was so happy.  It was also the night we told our immediate family and BFFs the great news.  So needless to say he thinks he'll never surpass that birthday!  I know he has something planned for me tonight when I get home from work and I know Aiden will be there and how can it get any better than having my two favorite men waiting for me?  So no worries each birthday just keeps getting better and better!  Thanks to everyone who has already sent me birthday wishes!

I mean come on how can you not love these faces!

I have a feeling this is going to be a good year!  I mean I started it off by getting a day on the slopes for the first time in 2 years!!!  It was a beautiful day with some nice snow and no responsibilities until I got home that night.  I was so thankful to have this day to myself and hadn't realized how much I needed it until I was riding up the first ski lift staring at the wonder of the mountains with a huge smile on my face remembering the thrill of the trails!

Happy New Year, Happy Training and Happy Birthday! :-)

Monday, December 22, 2014


I once read a book about sports psychology and one thing I took from it is that I needed to work on my resilience and my coachability.  Which essentially means I can be stubborn and dwell on stuff for too long.  So if someone is giving me good advice I needed to work on being open to it and use it to my advantage instead of either coming up with excuses as to why I shouldn't or poking holes in their theories.  This is hard to do in an age when we are bombarded with so much information it's hard to tell the difference between good and bad advice.  But one very good example of advice I should have taken was quite a few years ago my brother went for a run with me.  He never runs anymore, he commutes everywhere on his bike and doesn't want to know anything else about exercise after that, but he went for a run with me and ran circles around me.  He is a natural at all the sports he does just didn't ever have that competitive urge to race.  I on the other hand love the challenge I get from entering races but never had the natural gifts.  I made the comment to him "You are so fast and without even trying, I'm jealous"  He told me well you just aren't trying hard enough you are running like you're on a stroll enjoying the views.  I of course was taken aback at first and thought who is he to tell me I'm not trying hard enough.  But it's true I take my time and thoroughly enjoy my training runs sometimes never feeling like I'm breathing very hard.  I never pushed myself unless someone else was around i.e. at races.  But if I know I can run faster why don't I and would that make me even faster if I worked at that.  I find myself not pushing it on training runs when I should and remember this conversation.  So while I need to work on this at least I recognize it and am trying to make a conscious effort to make changes.  I just hate making things too complicated like on x, y, z days I'll do a tempo run on other days I'll do.... I just like to go and run and the most I usually do is know how many miles I need to build up to.  But if I can just concentrate on some true hard effort days I think that would be progress.

Resilience, or lack of, is when I'm passed by a runner and I automatically get down on myself and think well that's the last I'll see of them and sometimes even feel myself let up in my stride a little!!!  But if I'm on a bike I think who do they think they are, and spend the rest of the race trying to catch ok.  He wails briefly because, yes, it hurt like hell!  But then after a quick hug from me and a wipe of his tears he is off again as if nothing ever happened.  He only gets upset if I try to slow him down by putting ice on it.  I remind myself we all go through this and as adults we can sulk in the corner or dust ourselves off and try again no matter how many times we've failed.  The nice thing about sports also is that we can look at issues like this in our athletic endeavors and approach them in a non threatening way but sometimes make the connection as to how these lessons would also benefit us greatly in our every day lives.

from this.....
them.  I need to quit letting myself give up in the sports I know I'm not good at.  Lately also I've learned a thing or two about resilience from my 1 year old son!!  He is such a dare devil and always on the go but you know it takes a while to master this whole walking, running, climbing thing.  So that means his little feet get ahead of himself sometimes and he finds his head making contact with the floor before his feet.  When witnessing this my heart goes into my throat and the only thing keeping me from crying or having a heart attack is knowing that I need to show my son that everything is
to this in a matter of seconds...

So for the next couple of months I want to make an effort to work on these two things.  It's been a long time coming but watching my son grow up has really brought this to light for me.  Not really sure why.  But he amazes me every day and makes me want to be a better person in every way possible!

Happy Training!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Festivus 5k for the Rest of Us! and other feats of strength...

Photo credits go to Shannon Larkin Sempsrott
The weekend was quite the success for us!  We had a wonderful Saturday morning waiting for us for our 2nd Annual Festivus 5k for the Rest of Us!  It was around 46 degrees by the start of the race which was nice compared to last years 19 degrees and luckily the storm waited until that night to blow in.  There we about 240 participants quite a few of which were running their first 5k, in costume, part of other running groups, or under the age of 15 (part of the running 505 group).  There were some strollers, some dogs and plenty of fun!  There was a Festivus pole at the finish for photo ops and a backdrop of the beautiful Sandia mountains with blue skies as a back drop for the finish line photos.  It was so exciting seeing everyone have fun.  On top of all that we are going to be able to donate a nice little chunk of change to the UNM Cancer Center!  Directing a race, even a small one, can be nerve racking and thrilling all at the same time.  When I got home my mom was surprised by my great mood!  She kept saying "You seem so happy!  I haven't seen you like this in a while!"  Well the stress of everything going on had culminated with this race.  To see that it all came together in the end made me so happy!  I'm so thankful for my partner in crime who put this race on with me (we balance each other out just right), for my parents (my dad participated and my mom watched my son while I was MIA), and for friends and the running community who supported us with such enthusiasm, not to mention some fabulous sponsors.  We had wonderful volunteers that helped us with the photography and finish.  And don't you love the glass we gave with each entry?

What do like getting with your race entry?  The tried and true race shirt?  A mug, hat, socks, gloves, none of the above?

On a personal note last week I logged 21 miles of just running.  I can't remember the last time, actually I don't think I have ever, had a week where all I did was run, no swim or bike or class just run (ok I got 2 weight lifting sessions in there as well) and now I know how people build higher run mileage, all they do is run.  It's quite simple actually, I just have always had a love/hate relationship with running as it is my weakest of the 3 sports.  But maybe this whole being forced to sit out of triathlon season for a while is going to be good for my running!  This Run every day in December challenge is just what I needed.  The change up also made me lose just a little bit of weight.  Now let's hope when I'm off for work for the week and 1/2 over the holiday I maintain this running streak.

Happy Training!!