Monday, November 3, 2014

Doggie Dash Weekend

This was the weekend of the pup!  Dear Lexi, we did not forget about you and we do still remember that you were our first baby!!  Please forgive us if we miss a walk every once in a while because we are busy cleaning up baby poop from the inside of a bath tub or from your mouth!  Know that when "A" grabs you by the jowls and yells directly in your face a bunch of none sense it's him telling you how much he loves you.  If we yell "Out" at you so many times that it is one of his first words that he now says to you while flailing his little finger while pointing at your doggie door we are sorry.  But we just can't have you always licking his mouth in search of food or hanging out under his high chair waiting for scraps because he loves you so much that if he sees you there he'd gladly throw his entire dinner on the floor for you.  You have been there for me through some tough times and helped me celebrate other exciting times.  You kept me company while hubs was deployed for a year and run with me through rain or shine!  You race "A" to the door to greet me and I appreciate every wag of your tail.  You sit by me at night as I read him his bed time story waiting to say good night before I put him down and you sit by the bathroom in the mornings as I get ready for work.  You may be a hyper dog, bark at nothing, chase your own tail, air hump the cushion on the couch, act like a psycho in the car, and pull relentlessly on runs but we LOVE YOU!!!

She got a bath on Saturday so she could look her best and impress at the doggie dash while she proudly wore her "Adopted at Animal Humane" bandanna.  At least this time as we drove there instead of smelling the nasty scared dog smell we got a whiff of the shampoo from the day before.  She gave me a turbo boost on the run in a couple of spots and helped me run it faster than last year.  May not be a PR but it's a post pregnancy PR! :-)  We ran the 5k in 25 mins this year!  Although I have to admit she was a lot more distracted this year maybe because we had to leave "A" behind she kept looking for him.  She usually is pulling me hard throughout the whole race but this year I had to keep cheering her on to get her to stop looking back and falling behind.  I also had to stop 2 x to untangle her from the leash!  There were 2 kids that fell and ate asphalt in front of me poor kiddos I asked if they were ok and they said yes as the kept running but I could see the pain in their face. All in all everyone survived and we didn't step in any dog poo!  At the home stretch she kicked it in to show off for the crowd and to try to jump in the stroller and give our kiddo a kiss!

She got lots of treats and toys from all the vendors and slept the rest of the day.  Thankfully we didn't let the rain scare us off.  I'm so glad hubs went with me and took the little guy because he enjoyed it just as much.  And they got to try the agility park.  Even though the results were messed up at first other than that the race was great.  I just didn't know spectators had to pay $5 to get in.  If it wasn't for such a good cause that might have been a little annoying. Now I don't have any races on the horizon so I have to figure out what the heck I'm going to do all winter!  Need to stay motivated!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Reasons I'm not hip...

1.  Running on campus, minding my own business, then all of a sudden a flurry of pink bandannas engulfed me and I was caught in the middle of some kind of chase or game.  I'm obviously not hip enough to know what this was about so instead of joining I made my way out of the catapulting bodies and kept going on my merry way to the gym.

2.  Guy wearing a hat that looked like a bear head and holding nunchucks (didn't even know how to spell this before today).  Wasn't sure if this was a pre Halloween costume or if this guys actually incorporated this into his gym workout.

3.  About 5-6 food trucks parked on campus all still running so there was a visible cloud of exhaust surrounding them as people stood around reading menus trying to decide which one to buy from.  I must not be hip enough for this because my first thought was get me out of this hell hole!

4.  I got "mam'd" at the gym the other day.  Excuse me but if you are asking to use the same machine as me with the same weights I don't think I should be mam'd :-)  but again more proof I'm not hip.

5.  I have no desire to get on Instagram, am barely ever on Twitter, only use FB to post pictures of my son now and don't even ask me about all the new sites and apps that are popping up every day, how am I blogging you ask?  That's a good question, but I don't have many followers so this is basically an online journal for myself, see not hip!

6.  I have been known to run in an old pair of boxers I bought at a ski area back in the 90s and yes I still run in cotton shirts and it doesn't bother me.  The only "hip" exercise clothes I might own is because the lululemon people see how I'm dressed at local races and feel so sorry for me they give me a coupon for a free article of exercise clothing, yes this has happened to me more than once. 

I can accept this and embrace it and am so happy that I don't give a @#*!*@ what people think about me, who says it's not great getting old! :-)

On a little more serious note the person who works for me has been in a bike accident.  I feel so bad for her she broke both elbows and will have to get surgery next week!  In a moment of panic trying to avoid something she slammed on her brakes and went over the front of her handle bars.  I hope she has a speedy recovery and doesn't worry about the work she is leaving me with.  I can handle it I just have to prioritize and know some things will have to sit on the back burner until late December when she will be back.  In the meantime I'm trying to multi task so that I can still get some workouts in even with a heavy workload.  So I had to take some stuff around campus and figured might as well do this in running shoes get a run in at the same time and avoid getting parking tickets!

Happy Training and Stay Safe!!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Pacers, Pumpkins, and Cancellations

Yes I tried to come up with another P word but I'm just not clever enough and you'd think with all the practice I get on Lumosity and my word bubbles game I could!   I've been keeping busy lately and my kiddo has been keeping up with me so that is exciting!

We volunteered for a local race that was the marathon I did over 10 years ago.  I helped coordinate the bag drop booth and the pacers.  Man this wasn't a big assignment and it took so much coordination I can't imagine those volunteer coordinators that do even more!  Thanks to everyone and anyone who has ever volunteered to make a race happen it's a lot of work and we appreciate it!!  All I had to do on race day was find parking and shuttle the pacers to the half way point and the others back.  All Aiden had to do was look cute and not have a melt down which he did perfectly!  The pacers were right on with their times and it was awesome!  My little guy kept trying to run with the rest of them and I had to catch him by the hood of his jacket because he's getting too fast for me!  I use to make fun of the parents with the kid leashes backpacks but I may be starting to see the value in them... JUST KIDDING my kid would freak out with one of those.  I can barely keep him in a stroller or carrier any more.  It was a brisk morning and a great day to race and spectate.  The turn around point was near what I believe is a cereal factory, I heard one of the runners ask why it smelled like cookies, oh the cruelty!!

We went to a Maiz Maze which turned out to really be hay not corn so not sure why they called it that and saw pumpkins which my son decided the best thing to do with a pumpkin is attack it.  That's his new thing now to beat on everything, including my face.  That may be slightly my fault since I bought him a drum and keep teaching him to hit it.  He did not appreciate the prickliness of the hay and I have picture that captures it perfectly.  He did try to make friends however.

Now that I had my two half marathons in the bag I was planning on finishing my season with a Nutcracker Sprint Triathlon and was so looking forward to it and my "secret" plan that I had but I just found out they cancelled the tri and decided to only have the 5k run this year!! Boooooooooooo!!!!  So I had done this tri 2 years ago not knowing I was pregnant and I placed 1st in my age group, granted mainly because it was a small race and I was all trained up from my IM I had just done, but to my surprise it qualified me for Nationals.  I wanted to go so bad but then found out I was indeed pregnant.  My secret plan this year was to go again and qualify and then tell hubs well now I just have to train for triathlons because I can't pass up an awesome opportunity like that twice right!??  Now that the possibility is not even there I find myself at a loss with what I want to do.  Do I keep training for other runs, do I try to do some off season stuff like lifting weights, do I plan out a triathlon season for next year even if I don't think I have enough time to train for 3 sports with a little guy?  My motivation has left me without my super secret plan and I need to re-energize myself with a new plan! Help!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Nantucket Half Marathon

I was out of town from Friday to Tuesday of last week and it took me until now to recover enough to be able to sit down and write this (and download photos).  This trip exhausted me and I'm not sure why it took so long to get back on my feet.  Am I glad I took this trip?  Yes, I had two wonderful friends accompanying me that I don't get to see often enough.  Would I do it again? No just because of the mere fact that it was sooooo far.  It was 12 + hours of travel to see an island at the end of the season when everything is shutting down.  For cheaper and less travel time I could see equally as breath taking places.  I'm not trying to down play Nantucket it is very cute and quaint and I loved seeing the lighthouses and all the houses along the beach that all look exactly the same except for they all name their houses out there.  I flew to Boston (about 5-6 hours with 1 stop) then got on a bus to Hayanis (sp) another couple of hours, then a ferry to the island another hour then of  course the wait times in between each of those.  On the way out there I did it all in one day so I was up at 5 am to catch a 7 am flight and ended up in the B&B sometime after 8pm.  It was my first trip away from my son and I missed him terribly!!!  Everyone kept saying "it's good for  you!"  How is it good for me?  Not that it's good or bad but really it's good for me?  I missed him and worried about him and wished he was there with me the whole time.  He probably didn't even notice I was gone.  But I'm thinking for a girls weekend get away I'll go somewhere closer and look forward to family vacations that include him.  Really what is good for me is when I am in town to get an hour or two to myself to go get a haircut or a facial, I need a haircut so BAD!  But when we're at home we don't make time for ourselves.  It's like I binged on alone time and used it all up for the year.  I would prefer to spread it out through out the year.

Ok so I know none of you wanted to read my lame intro but there it was.  Hopefully some pretty pictures will make up for it.

Half Marathon, good!  Bed and Breakfast, great!  (so cute and loved the breakfast) Friends, awesome!  Lighthouse, way too far to ride a bike after doing a half (the guys said 5-6 miles more like 10-12 each way) but made for some nice photos.  Island cute, time of year could have been better.  Fall colors are only on mainland so we missed that.  Food I don't know if it was because of the time of year but a lot of places didn't have all of their selections which makes it very hard for a vegetarian to find something and a lot of what we found seemed like just ordinary bad for you "bar food".  Met some really friendly people of course mostly tourist.  If you like pale ales that's what seemed to be popular on the island.  We didn't make it to the brewery which would have been cool and maybe I could have found a brown or porter that I liked but I opted to see the lighthouse instead and think I made the right choice.

The course was sandy and wet the first half and I couldn't wait to get on the pavement after twisting ankles and avoiding huge puddles.  My friend said I was running somewhere between 8-9 minute miles the first half (I didn't wear a garmin on purpose just wanted to run without pressure) my lungs felt great since I was at sea level but my legs got so tired from the sand and uneven terrain and little hills that the second half was way slower and my last few mile were more like 11-12 min/miles.  All said and done I ran it in 2:09 and I can say I left it all out there!  My friend said I pulled her along the first half and I told her the only reason I didn't walk parts of the 2nd half was because of her.  We actually finished this one together!! That never happens!

I came home to a son with a bruised finger, bump and scratch on the forehead, but he seemed happy and he cuddled with me for half an hour which never happens!!!  I also went to pour myself some cereal the next morning only to cover it with soured milk, I think hubs got a new appreciation for what I do and he has been helping a lot more around the house since I've been back.  So even if I was exhausted and home sick I think it might have been good for "us".  I think I even successfully fought off a cold.  Luckily the Ebola scare in the Boston airport was a false alarm!  My BFF was the rock through all of this and I'm glad she convinces me to do these crazy trips with her because I learn something new about myself every time.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dracula is not welcome here...

It's a good thing that I like garlic and lots of it in all foods, except for in ice cream like my hubs reminded me garlic ice cream at the Stinking Rose was not our favorite, because I don't think I would survive an attack from Dracula!  Last week my work was hosting a blood drive and they made it so easy by bringing the RV to our parking lot.  I thought I can't believe I've never donated blood before I can do that!  Didn't even think twice about it or look into it at all or think that maybe I should wait until after my half marathon this coming weekend.  I also didn't know there are different types of donations and I don't know which one I did.  I know I didn't give plasma that's about it.  Not only did I not work out that day but also for the next 3 days after that!!!  I felt woozy, dizzy, dehydrated, not that bad but you could tell something was off.  When I finally did my first run on Friday, only 2.5 miles my head hurt, my joints felt weird, and I had very heavy legs.  The next day I did 6 with the stroller and felt better but was still slow.  Lesson learned I will now only donate during off season and to be honest I think I could only survive 1 donation a year.  I understand some people donate 3 times a year with no problems at all and I am very happy that they do it's a great way to give back!  Here's an article I found in runners world that I should have read prior to donating:

 I've been trying to drink lots of fluids.  I'm also going to cook up a huge plate of kale and/or spinach followed by an orange for dessert.  That should help replenish what ever I have lost in time for my half.  The good thing is this half is at sea level and the weather should be slightly overcast with a high of 60.  Training at about 5,400 feet should help this feel easier.  Maybe my blood will expand at sea level and help me carry more oxygen too! ;-)   Can I just ask them to give me my blood back maybe right before I go run my race?  Oh wait, I think there is some kind of rule against that....

It's balloon fiesta time around these parts and it's been awesome getting to run with these in the air.  My son got pretty excited as we were driving and pointed to them and grunted which is his way of telling me to look at these awesome extraterrestrial vehicles!  But then on the run when I stopped at the top of a hill for him to admire them some more he was more interested in the grass next to his stroller!  That kid keeps me on my toes!

We went to a birthday party this weekend and when the pinata was broken and the candy fell out he saw all the kids running towards it he didn't know what candy was or why they all wanted it but he still dove in with the best of them, grabbed two huge tootsie rolls and took off running inside the house with his loot to try and hide it from me!  Once he saw he wasn't going to get away from me he went back and kept trying to stash leftover candy from the ground in a cardboard circle he found.  It was pretty darn cute.  I love that now I'm starting to see more and more of his personality come out.  I am petrified of this trip coming up as it will be my first time away from him at all and it will be for 4.5 days ahhhhh!!!! He's going to be fine, like mom who?, but I'm going to probably be a crying mess!  I know, I know, it's good for me yadda, yadda, yadda.   I'm going to have fun on my girls weekend and running in Nantucket but I will miss him like crazy!  I know I will run the HECK out of this race because I have to make it worth being apart from him.  Why would I go do this if I wasn't going to make the most out of it, right?

Happy Training!!