Wednesday, June 17, 2015


My husband fancies himself quite the comedian and while a lot of times I try not to encourage his "tasteless" or horrible "dad" jokes lately he's been going around saying "The doctor said i need a backiotomy" and I have to admit I giggle inside because it's so true!!!  Out of all the things they prepare you for when becoming a parent one I was not prepared for at all was the back pain (I'm being literal here not figurative) that can accompany it.  As my son gets older/heavier it's been more and more prevalent and while it is only to the level of discomfort and occasional shooting pain if I position myself in very specific ways it is definitely affecting my training at this point.  The oddest part of all of this is that the pain is at it's worst during swims then second worst runs and during my bike rides I don't feel it at all.  So of course I've fallen in love with my bike all over again but my running has been paying the price!  I now DREAD my long runs and have become even slower than usual.  It even became part of small rift between me and one of my running buddies when they tried to push me harder on a long run and I became annoyed and pretty much refused to even try and run any faster.  Partly because I was going uphill on a mixed path and knew anything close to a 9 minute pace would have only stuck for 8 miles on a flatter course and partly me being stubborn and thick headed and out of sorts with my longer runs but also partly because my back was giving me problems.  My shorter interval runs during the week are still ok but I think it's because they are over quickly so the pain doesn't have time to settle in.  I'm hoping pushing myself during these sprint workouts will be enough to get me through the 6 miles in the triathlon. Sometimes after a long nights sleep I wake up with my back hurting also.  All that being said I am very VERY nervous about my upcoming triathlon.  I knew I was going to be a little under trained coming into this tri due to when I found out I'd be able to do it but I was ok with that now add back pain and the heat that has finally caught up with us I am doubting myself for the first time in my triathlon history.  I've always been very confident in my triathlons and always new that even though I wasn't a very good runner I could make up for it in the swim and bike.  So many emotions going on with my relationship with this sport right now. 

So that being said after this triathlon I will be concentrating on strengthening my back doing things like bridges, supermans, hipflexor & hamstring stretches and lots and lots of planks!  I will also try to remember to use my knees to lift him instead of bending at the waist when I pick him up from the ground.  But here are a few tips that I can't quite figure out the alternative for: 
  • Consider using a "front pack" to carry the baby when you are walking. (I do have one of these and have it with me when we take our walks in case he gets tired but my back still hurts even when I use it)
  • Do not carry a child on your hip; this overloads the back muscles. (How am I supposed to carry him a la piggy back ride style?)
Any other moms/dads out there have figured out other helpful tips?

In the meantime I have been doing pretty well at not freaking out about my lapses in training and have really been enjoying my family time this summer.  Hubs and I have been doing really well lately with communication and splitting chores and allowing each other time to do our "own" thing.  I'm so proud of him taking our son to the museum and the splash park and group play times, it's not easy with our son who is going through a "phase" of being very rambunctious when in a group setting he runs around like crazy not paying any attention to the instructor, sometimes slaps at kids when trying to say hello or when wanting to get on a toy that they are already on.  We just keep patiently correcting him or removing him from the situation but it does wear on you emotionally and physically.  Now once hubs is back in school I hope to keep up these positive advances! :-)  I know stress gets to the best of us and that's usually when things go bonkers.

On the work front even though I miss my son like crazy every single day and I still wish I could work from home.  At least my work has become a little more fulfilling lately.  I've really enjoyed mentoring a new employee and getting to make some progress on some bigger projects that in the past I've had to put on the back burner.  Even though I've been super busy and barely any time to breath it's been more rewarding.  

Here's just a few photos from our fun outings: 

Perfecting my selfie skills

my brother and I at the Smash Mouth concert

My longest ride in a very long time 30 miles

Swim classes

Market at the rail yards

Father/son outing to Explora

Monday, June 1, 2015

Ups and downs of running, or random runner thoughts

This weekend hubs had signed up for a motorcycle course so if I wanted to get my workouts in I was going to have to get up very early, that happened on Saturday for my 8 mile run.  I got up at 5:15 am and headed out the door.  It was a tough one for some reason that day but I got it done even though it took me 1:27.  Not that you asked but I thought I'd give you a little insight on my thought process that on a run that doesn't go as well as I would have wanted:

1st 4 miles (uphill mostly):

* Geez 5:15 am is way too early for a Saturday, why am I the only one out here?  Hello?  I know there are crazier runners than me?  Did I miss the memo and everyone else is at some super fun awesome race?
 * Why the heck did he sign up for that class?  When does he think he's going to be getting a motorcycle? Is he going through an early midlife crisis?  If so I don't want to be around for his 40s.
* Wow it's still a little chilly out and where did that wind come from?
* Look at the clouds brooding over the mountains they look angry and they are keeping the sun from coming out!
* My right butt cheek hurts! What is that about?  What if I have a running injury and I have to tell the Dr. it's my right butt cheek, what if I have to go to PT what would that consist of, 20 butt cheek squeezes?  Oh man I don't have time for a running injury!
* Another runner yay! Wait who does he think he is oh you're too good to say hello, you think you're faster than me?  Yes, ok you're faster than me but there's no need to not make eye contact...
*I'm tired, dehydrated and running on an empty tank for fear that if I had gone into the kitchen to get a banana I would have woken the sleeping beauties, oh the mom guilt whoa is me.
* I don't even remember waking up and getting dressed my legs definitely aren't awake yet, why is there led in them? Move please move!

2nd 4 miles (downhill)

*Ahhh, my right butt cheek isn't hurting anymore I'm saved! It's a miracle there will be no need to amputate! I must have just needed to warm up.
* Oh look at the wonderful sun over the quaint houses in the valley gently nudging everyone awake, what a beautiful morning!
* Another jogger, "Good morning, what a pretty dog you have! It's a great day!"
* I'm glad hubs is getting to take this class for free he needs some more time away to get a break.  At least he's getting up with the kiddo to feed him while I go for my run.
*I'm so glad I got up early to do this now I'm done and I can enjoy the rest of my day with my wonderful bright eyed smiling faced son! Life is good, I'm so lucky I get to and am able to run!
* I'm getting a negative split for once yay! (of course it's not because I'm going downhill on the way back)

Walk in the door ready to tackle the day! And greeted by:

On Sunday I needed to do a 25 mile bike ride but by the time hubs got home it was in the 90s and our first hot day of the summer.  I called it!  Yes, no excuses I didn't go due to being a wimp!  Instead we took my son to the splash park and I watched him squeal with joy as he attacked the spraying water.  What does this mean for my training? IDK and I'm not going to think about it.  It's a new week and all I can do is re-commit. 
After my run I got to have a breakfast date with my little man and he behaved wonderfully and I got to relax and slowly drink TWO cups of tea!  It's the small victories that make it all worth it!

Happy Training!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


The last two weeks have been that indeed!  But in a good way, we needed this break so bad and it has done so much for us as a family to get away and spend some family fun time.  Was it hectic, tiring and at times brutal? Yes!  But did the fun out weigh all of that?  YES!!!  My training was more sporadic than I should have allowed for this time but I still got some in and I'm going to be ok with that.

So this happened:

Aiden's first plane ride, first time at the beach, first time at a sea aquarium, first time meeting his great uncle and some cousins, staying up past his bed and nap times, and lots more firsts!

Then this happened:

Aiden's first time to Cloudcroft (the town I grew up in), in a fire truck, at Whitesands, in the same car as a crazy dog for too long of a drive, and lots more firsts.

I did some trail running and man did my feet and ankles take a beating I need to get use to that again.  Hubs and I got to do a bike ride together and we hadn't done that probably since before the little guy was born.  The head winds were brutal and I got so burned out the last 4ish miles but I loved it!  Still been sticking to my Master's swim no matter how humbling and at times mortifying it has been.  So my progress towards my Olympic distance won't be anything that will get me on the podium but it will get me to the finish line and I am good with where I am in my life right now.  I think I've finally come to terms with my current level or lack of training and racing and I wouldn't change it because it would mean missing precious moments with my growing boy.  I'm contemplating signing up for a double half marathon weekend in the mountains if I can convince my runningBFF to do it with me but I've never done that.  One would be a trail half which seems daunting to me and the next day is the road half which they claim is a fast course.  How do I even train for this?  It's not until Oct. so I have time to think about it.

Happy Training!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Sometimes the road takes us where we need to be...

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!  I had an amazingly awesome weekend all around! 

On Saturday I got to hang out with the kiddo while we ran errands together. 

 Then we went to a dear friends graduation party, where it was snowing!  Grandma came along with us and had fun!

Then I got to go do a fun yet windy and chilly 5k, Brew Dash, where I did better than I thought I would considering I had spit coming out sideways from my mouth at some points from the wind being so strong! :-) I finished in 26:30 which wasn't bad for me for the conditions and I think I was about 120 out of like 1100 but they don't have AG results up yet.  I also got to hang out with lots of fun friends that I hadn't seen in a while.  I joked with my husband that I need to get out more because I wouldn't stop talking and I hope they didn't get tired of listening to me!

Sunday I got spoiled with my breakfast of choice which I hadn't had since hubs and I got married because he hates grits and cheese.  So he made me cheesy grits with an egg and soy bacon on top.  I got an AWESOME gift which was a gift card to lululemon because hubs knows me too well and he knows that even though I love their clothes I never buy anything there because I can't make my self spend that much on exercise clothes so he figured this way I'd have an excuse.  We also went over to my parents house to have made from scratch sweet potato and squash ravioli, thanks to my dad with help from hubs and son, and made from scratch carrot cake, thanks to my brother.

I got to do a 24 mile ride on a beautiful sunny day with bright blue NM skies on Sunday also.  I was feeling pretty tired that morning due to my 5k evening run in the wind and indulging in a couple of post race beers and really wanted a flat ride but I knew I didn't have time to start from anywhere other than my house so hills it was.  I got to about 8 miles and thought you know what I'm just going to turn around early and call it good.  I mean it's mother's day I can justify taking an easy day right.  I kept looking for a break in traffic and it didn't come so I just kept riding through the light.  Then I thought Ok I'll go a little bit further but then I'll turn around before getting on the road towards Tijeras.  Then I saw a guy struggling with a little hand pump.  I asked him if he needed help he said only if I had a different pump.  I said I have cartridges, he was refusing to use my cartridges saying I'd need them and he would feel really bad.  I felt his tire and determined his pump wasn't even working and wouldn't take no for an answer and said I carried two for this very reason.  I noticed him struggling with English so I asked him if he spoke Spanish and he did and he started talking to me about all kinds of stuff.  He asked how far up I was going and instead of saying I was debating turning around right there I said I had about 4 miles to my actual turn around point but that I was slow because I was just getting back into it after 2 years off.  He said OK follow me for those 4 miles and push yourself.  So I did.  He kept checking to make sure I was keeping up, poor guy I'm sure was going way slower than normal for him.  That was the hardest I had pushed myself in quite a while.  So in the end I did the full amount I had intended to do and met a really nice person along the way.  The road just wasn't going to let me give up and short change myself. 

I feel very lucky to have such a great family and a wonderful community to live in.  This Mother's Day was everything I expected it to be and then some!  I've been feeling very supported with my training endeavors and hubs and I have been really clicking lately when it comes to giving each other breaks when we need it or understanding when something doesn't go as planned.  This morning I accidentally set off my panic button on my car as I was getting ready for 5 am swim practice and hubs didn't get upset just teased me a little later.  Luckily he's the only one it woke up!

We go on vacation to Florida in two days!!!  WoooHOooo!!!!!

Happy Training!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Show off runs (knowing the course)

Do you have that one run or bike course that you do so frequently you could do it with your eyes closed?  I have a run that I did this weekend that I do all the time for many reasons.  I leave right from my house so it saves time, I know it by heart and know when to give or take for optimal performance on this course, and for some reason it always makes me feel really strong, and it's one I do sans stroller and dog.  It's only 4 miles and if you haven't ran it before you aren't aware it's slightly downhill on the way out but as soon as you turn around and feel the uphill you realize.  I do this one when I can run alone because it's near traffic so I can't take the dog cause she goes nuts near cars but it means I get to run solo and go at my own pace not worrying about pee stops or spilled sippy cups.  When I happen to run it with a friend that is close to me in splits I usually do better but only because I know the course so well.  I always push myself on the way back too on the uphill part mostly because I want to get it done but also because I'm confident in the fact that I know exactly how hard I can push myself without dieing before the end. 

So with this little theory in mind you'd think that I would make sure that any time I do a triathlon I'd know the course.  At least drive it before hand or look at some course maps to know whats coming right?  Because based on this it would benefit me to know when I should take advantage of a downhill or when I should save some energy etc.  But no I usually prefer to go into a race blind, not know what's coming that way I can't dread it.  I've been taking that approach for more years than I'd like to admit.  Well, I think that I am changing my mind and approach!  Yes, you heard me right I am admitting I was wrong.  I usually sign up for races to keep me motivated to keep training and stay in shape.  But maybe if I try to change my mindset I could actually train to I don't know actually race a race?  :-)

Views from my ride
That being said I'm already going to contradict myself.  I'm signing up for an Olympic distance race at the end of June that I'm pretty sure I will be under trained for because I didn't officially start my training plan for it until this weekend.  When hubs finally found out he could watch the kiddo for me on the day of the race I had to decide do I sign up or sit it out due to lack of time to train?  I decided I'm going to sign up and just hope for the best.  Besides then I'll pick another sprint race to do right after and I'll be trained up for that one.  These days I have to take advantage of opportunities whenever they present themselves and it may not always be in the ideal situation but I make it work.  Kind of like people say if you wait until you can "afford" to have a baby you'd never have one!  Well if you wait until you have enough time to "train" I'd never race.  But I will take a look at the course and see what it holds for me and try to train accordingly.  I did get a nice solo run in this weekend and a ride on the actual road outdoors with sun and hills and all!  It was only 19 miles but that's a nice start to my training!  8 weeks and counting!

I started going to a master's swim group this morning at 5 am and hope to stick to it because there is just no other good time with pool schedules and work etc to get it in.  My plan is to go twice a week.  If I'm feeling really ambitious three times in one week might happen. 
Add caption

Just please please tell me waking up at 4:30 am gets easier!!!

How do you train?  Do you train specific to your course and do you know your race course by heart or do you just go for it?