Friday, August 29, 2014

I was lost and am not yet found..

It took me a while to figure out what the heck I'm doing and I'm not completely there yet but I'm also not feeling as lost as I was when I first went MIA from social media.  I took a break from my blog, dailymile, FB, Twitter, I think that's all I'm on.  I was feeling lost and had no faith in "the process" I didn't trust that just putting in the work for now would eventually get me back to where I wanted to be.  I was desperate that I would never be able to be a triathlete again and sad that I was losing such a big part of what I use to identify with!  I felt I was not being true to myself and frustrated with the situations around me that I felt weren't allowing me to be who I wanted to be.  I realized I alienated the few followers I did have on here and I am mainly going to be keeping this blog to remind myself of the good things in my life, because let's face it we usually like to sugar coat our "online" life and only write about the good but I don't think that's a bad thing.  It's a way to focus on those things and remain positive.  So for that reason alone I decided I needed to start chronicling my adventures again even if they seem like much smaller adventures these days.  I am a little sad that I alienated some of my friends and family by getting off of FB but am also surprised to find out some of them who had my personal contact info didn't find other ways to keep in touch.  However, was also pleasantly surprised by the ones who did!  So while my son's 1st birthday is probably enough to coax me back on there and show those who have asked that are too far away to participate I will proceed with caution.  It's also amazing how many people and groups solely rely on that website to plan and communicate about events.  Again was happy to hear from those who still sent out emails to those of us who weren't on there.

Sooooo what happened in the last six months?  The last post on here I had just finished a 7k run and my son was about 7 months old.  Now my son is having his first birthday on Sunday and I'm training for a second half post pregnancy.

Here are the few races I did since then:

ALBUQUERQUE HALF MARATHON           April 19th 2014  NM        2:18:56
                Jay Benson Triathlon      May 11th 2014   NM        1:30:41
                Women's Distance Festival 5K    July 20th 2014    NM        26:05

The one solo sprint triathlon on there was what made me realize I had to take a longer break from triathlons then I wanted.  So I was sad that I decided not to sign up for a half iron distance in Nov. as originally planned but I realized very quickly that trying to train for 3 sports while working full time, being a mom, keeping a household running, doing side projects, and the big one nursing was just not possible.  But I kept running and trying to squeeze in workouts here and there they just weren't the kind that get you excited.  I was barely maintaining.  But in the end it was worth it!  I just couldn't see it at the time and let it get me in a real funk that lasted for way too long and I sometimes feel myself slipping back there again and have to shake it off!  It didn't help that I got a new job, yes it was a promotion, but it also meant I was way busier and learning all kinds of new stuff and the few lunch time works I was getting in were all of a sudden gone and I found myself so tired or hungry once I put my son down for bed at 7pm that I skipped more workouts than I should have.  Most moms are usually pretty ecstatic when they hit their pre-pregnancy weight.  Well, I wasn't because I still felt out of shape and let me tell you clothes still don't fit the same because your body changes, it's just a fact of life I've come to terms with.

My son hit a big milestone this last week that started changing my schedule for the better.  I officially am done nursing and am so happy that I actually made it to 1 year of exclusively nursing.  I thought I'd be lucky if I made it to 6 months then to 9 then when I actually made it to a year it was amazing.  But the time has come and my son is adapting well.  Now I take off around 5 am for a workout and feel so good knowing it's done.  I also seem to get better quality workouts in then when I was doing them at lunch or after work.  I'm still struggling with trying not to make any noise so I don't wake my son up at 5am but hopefully he can learn to sleep through that.  PLEASE tell me they learn to sleep through it... :-)   Also I am so grateful that my parents have been able to provide childcare for us while my husbands in school and am even more grateful that now they will be able to help us and have a home to go to at night :-)  They were living with us during the week and we love each other very much but I know all of us were ready to have our own space again.  So that will help tremendously.  The last hurdle I have to overcome is communication with hubs.  They say the first year is the hardest, well the first year of marriage for us he was deployed so we didn't really have to figure it all out until the second year of marriage then we threw a baby into the picture and this first year of his life has been full of wonderful surprises, pride and joy but then we forgot about "us" as husband and wife.   I'm not going to lie it has been pretty rocky for us.  While we both have boundless love for our son and every time our son laughs we laugh and our hearts are filled to the brim it sometimes hasn't left room for the marriage part.  It feels like we're figuring out the parenting part easier than the "us" part.  We are pretty much living separate lives with him studying really hard to try and make it through school as fast as possible and me fighting the guilt of not having more time with my son.  We have come a long way but we still struggle not to bicker about the small things.  I hope soon we can find our "happy place" where we both feel appreciated and not that we have to fight to see who's agenda gets priority.  While I'm confident this will happen it can make you feel isolated in the meantime.  But I think along with my son learning to walk, yes he has been fully mobile for almost a month now, ahhhh!!!!, we will also learn to walk the sometimes rocky path of parenthood, marriage, self fulfillment, professional life and maybe even a social life!

ALL that being said I am excited about my upcoming races, possibly joining a 5 am master's swim group, dipping my toe back into triathlons, my sons ever expanding knowledge, curiosity and personality, and some very exciting news about a side project that will hopefully be ready to reveal very soon!!!  I am so thankful for those who have been there to get me through this year and have put up with my ups and downs.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Running of the Greens

A little late for this race report but better late than never?  This was our first road trip with the lil' man so we or I was nervous about spending that much time in a car with him.  But it turned out great!  He got a little cranky when he was tired and really wanted out of his car seat but he took 3 naps both ways and it took us 7-8 hours instead of the usual 6 but I'm calling it a success!  The main purpose of our road trip to Colorado was to get to meet my best friend's son (hopefully his future best friend!)  They were born 2 days apart and no it wasn't planned! 

So why not throw a race into the mix we always have fun running together.  So they also got to do their first race together because we pushed them in the strollers.  Added bonus it was celebrating St. Patrick's day and I got to dress him in a ridiculously cute green outfit.  Green is my favorite color what is yours?  Also St. Patrick's Day has always been my favorite holiday to celebrate.  This year it involved a lot more running and a lot less drinking! :-)  It was a 7k race and I think they did it so they could make the claim that they are the "Largest 7k race in the nation!"  That being said it was soooooo crowded.  It was in the streets of downtown Denver which meant you only had so much space to put people.  On top of that we were in coral 3 to begin which is where strollers, dogs and walkers were supposed to be relegated.  Then before we knew it they had moved coral 3 to another street and we saw them as we were crossing the start line with coral 2 peeps!!! Sorry but we didn't see them move it!!!  Also about half of the people didn't notice this because there were tons of strollers and walkers in this coral.  It was very difficult to weave in and out of people trying to pass.  Which meant that when ever there was an uphill I would try to take advantage of the openings and would sprint past as many people as possible.  People were looking at us like we were crazy but it was the only way we were going to make some forward movement.  It was really hard trying to get around walkers with a stroller.  That being said I'm glad I entered this race just to have fun with my BFF because that's what happened!  I ran it in 10:30 mi splits but I was ok with that considering the crowd and the hills.  "A" was happy he sang through part of the race :-)  It turned out to be a beautiful day for the race too the wind had stopped and it had warmed up!  The festivities were fun and I ran into some unexpected friends there!  The day before we had ran 6 very hilly miles in strong and cold winds but luckily that day wasn't my day with stroller poor hubs had to take him that day.  We needed some extra miles for our half marathon training. 

We also visited the Denver Aquarium while we were there and that place was very crowded as well. "A" seemed more intrigued by the water than by the actual fish but he seemed to enjoy it.  He wasn't feeling claustraphobic from the crowds like his mom was! 

Had an awesome weekend spent with some awesome friends and "A" had a successful road trip.  My perfect vacation, family, friends, running and happy to get home as usual.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Double Digits!

I was pretty excited about this weeks workouts for a couple of reasons:

Mon. - 4 mile run with sprints
Tues. - Taught boot camp class at lunch and commuted 10 miles home on my bike
Wed. - 4 mile easy run
Thurs. - 1.5 mile run and weight & abs workout
Fri. - Rest Day
Sat. 10 mile run
Sun. - Unplanned rest day

So a couple of things happened that hadn't happened in a REALLY long time.  I got on a bike other than a spin bike for the first time since pre pregnancy!  I caught a ride to work with hubs and rode my commuter bike home which was about 10 miles uphill and it felt way better than I expected.  Maybe because the heat hasn't hit yet so riding in cooler temps didn't feel as deadly but I swear the hills didn't feel so bad.  That bike is kind of heavy but I was happy that I was able to stay upright and my legs still worked when I got off.  Next I will try riding a little bit longer and on my race bike.  Oh how I've missed that bike!  I'm not going to lie I've had this fear that somehow the bike isn't going to have the same fit but I hope I'm just being ridiculous.  Like as if pregnancy morphed my body so much that I won't be in love with my race bike anymore!! Ahhhh the horror!  We'll find out next weekend!

Then I did my first double digit run post pregnancy!  My head thought 10 miles no prob!  I've done this a million times before and it was hubs turn with the stroller and we are running it on the bosque which is flat this will be a breeze.  Well, there was a strong breeze but that's about the only thing I got right!  My body was like whoa wait you haven't done this in over a year and half what are you thinking!?!!  I felt awesome on the first 5 miles out but then on the way back I could tell I should have had more than a sip of water when I passed hubs because I started getting some serious cotton mouth.  At mile 7 I stopped for a minute and man my legs were so tight.  Then I told myself just run until you hear the next mile buzz and then you can walk for a minute.  By mile 8 my legs were actually in spasms and my miles were at 11 min.  But I finished!! And as hurt, tired, and hungry as I was I was so happy to say I'm back in the double digits!  The rain just barely missed us and hubs said pushing the stroller with the wind was hard.  We stopped at Chipotle and devoured a burrito so fast the lil' man didn't have a chance to get cranky! :-) 
Yes our house cleaning requires a water bottle!  No really I just was putting it away.

The lil' man didn't mind being strapped to my back while I was cleaning he liked the view from higher up!
The only bad thing was that I took an extra day off this week so Sunday I decided to do another rest day due to still recovering and to finding my husband awake and preparing to help me clean the house and making me breakfast.  Yes, I have to brag I actually got to sleep in for once because he took "A" when he woke up and started getting stuff done!  Now he got me use to this and I will hope for this treatment every Sunday! :-)  No?  I shouldn't get my hopes up?  Come on I have faith!  Maybe next week I won't be on strike anymore for cooking! 
Life is good can't complain when my weekend ends with this!

We had a great weekend and feel good to be back to some serious training.  Can't wait to keep building on this base!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

It has been unseasonably warm in these parts lately which means we have been taking full advantage of the outdoors.  It does worry me for the summer but I'm going to just think about today and enjoy it while I can hopefully we can keep the fires at bay this summer!

Aiden has been a good sport so far on all his Rolling adventures!  He sleeps through most of them and so far has not tired of the stroller.  When he's at home he takes full advantage of the freedom and rolls all over our living room!  It's pretty funny his dad was blocking his path and he tried to roll over him but couldn't so he got really frustrated and attempted to scooch around him but got tired about half way and stopped to take a break and suck his thumb! :-)

I went to REI this weekend to buy a sunscreen for the stroller and they didn't have what I needed so we put an order in.  Hopefully it blocks the wind a little also because spring in NM can be a doozy!  Right now it is just a nice breeze the lulls the lil' man to sleep.

Saturday we went for what was supposed to be an 8 mile run but I ended up doing about 7.2  It was my turn with the stroller and it kept pulling to the right which meant I had to keep correcting the front wheel and my shoulders and arms got soooo tired.  The whole right side of my body was pretty messed up by the end of the run.  Turns out hubs says it was probably just the front wheel needed to be adjusted after he had taken it off to put in the slime.  I turned around early because as hubs ran past me on his way back he yelled where he turned around and that it was the 4 mile mark, well my Garmin said otherwise but I was too tired already to argue so I just turned around.  He finished before me and I guess realized it and ran a little more.  "A" slept for about 5 miles of the run.  It's also a good leg workout pushing that stroller.

Sunday I woke up and did my last spin class and surprised myself by being able to really push it and get a hard workout in!  I was hurting so bad from the day before but I somehow still felt really good during the work out.  We have given up our gym membership due to rising membership fees and the fact that during the week I have to squeeze my workouts in during my lunch in order to be home in time after work to feed "A".  We then did a family 3 mile hike in the foothills and I was beyond exhausted at this point but was so happy we got to do this!!!!  It was an awesome day for a hike and everyone was so happy.  Lexi was super happy because we even got to let her off leash for a tiny bit.  Don't think the thunder buddy is working for her judging by her behavior in the car but that's a story for another day.  I have no idea how "A" slept through some of that off roading that

dad did with him but he did!

I managed to prep a weeks worth of meals, pull some weeds, do more laundry than I've ever had to do in my entire life ("A" peed and pooped on just about everything due to us having to leave him diaper less to collect some stool samples!!) and still watch a movie and hang out with my brother and SIL to play Taboo!  Needless to say I slept very well both nights!!!

My first half marathon post baby is coming up quick!

Happy Training!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Handicap Run and Pinterest Fail!

This last week I put in about 17 miles of running and I did some weight lifting as well.  I'm happy with slowly building up my miles and I pushed the stroller for the Saturday 4 mile run which means my legs were a little sore which means they are getting stronger!  I just need to try and start fitting in some swimming and cycling now!  Easier said than done.

Our Saturday run was the part of the Handicap run series we do with our running club and I always have fun at these.  Unfortunately we had to run and go we didn't get to stay and chat.  This was a tribute run for an active running club member that recently passed away suddenly.  That makes two in the running community this last month, both seemed to be sudden and way too young.  Makes me sad to hear and really makes you stop and pause for a moment.  Our thoughts go out to their families. 

I had already told the run coordinator that I would be running with the stroller so she was going to start me a little bit before the others.  But then hubs comes in and tells her that I can run a 9:30 pace with the stroller which I knew was going to be a struggle.  So as I wanted to walk up the hills but didn't and cursed the unseasonably warm weather I didn't stop because I knew he was somewhere close behind me and he had also done himself in saying he could do a faster pace than his usual also.  I pushed myself really hard to keep that pace pretty much got it right on the dot but felt like I was going to puke when I finished.  He just said "you're welcome for making you push yourself!" :-)  Yes we love each other lots and lots believe it or not!

Our Sunday run was a quick 3 miler around the neighborhood and it was hubs turn with the stroller so I took the dog.  Well, we both decided from now on whoever has the stroller will be taking the dog.  He may have been pushing 35 pounds up the hills but I was pulling 35 pounds of stubborn dog up those hills!!!  She doesn't like it when we get separated and as I tried to run at my normal pace she kept pulling behind me trying to get back to hubs and baby and kept looking back.  I mean I was leaning forward and encouraging her that they were ok but nothing worked.  So this run was slower than it should have been for me especially without a stroller I think it ended up being a 10:20 pace!  Oh well that's life!  It makes me stronger right!

So for Valentine's Day hubs and I had agreed not to get each other anything.  He didn't listen.  I thought I could at least do a heartfelt homemade card.  So I went on Pinterest, got a cute idea, then this happened:

Doesn't he look just ecstatic!

needless to say I didn't use my version and I put the lil' man in something he was much happier in:

Grandpa took this pic of him!
Happy Monday and Happy Training!