Monday, February 10, 2014

Cupid's Chase

Doesn't the lil' man look amused!
Another busy weekend in the books!  One of the highlights of the weekend was the Cupids Chase 5k that I did with hubs, Aiden and a group of wonderful ladies Sole Sisters which is another running group I belong to.  I pushed the stroller for this race so that we could do this race together.  It was our valentine's gift to each other!  I thought wow I did really well especially with the stroller then I was quickly brought back down to reality when I was told we had all cut the course a little short!  So we ended up running about 2.9 instead of 3.1 I finished it in about 26 minutes. But I still had a blast and I'm pretty sure Aiden slept through at least part of the run while I did wheelies to get the stroller to go around the turns since the front wheel doesn't turn. I also either gave some a heart attack or made others laugh as I ran to get into the group picture because I took the stroller for a really fast turn to swing him around and get in the shot, but he was strapped in and like I said that stroller's front wheel doesn't turn.  :-)      There were only about 70 people at this race which made me sad just because I know how much goes into putting on a race and the fact that it all went to charity but the good news is the people that went had fun.  I wore my "unavailable" shirt with hubs even though I'm pretty sure Aiden kind of gave that away. :-)

These lovely ladies were there being rambunctious and having fun!  This is different than the running club that I belong to because it is all women and it is more of a friendly competition between the two teams we're split up into instead of a club with meetings and set runs.  I enjoy both groups!  I'm not able to participate in as many of the social aspects of this group due to the little one but it sure has motivated me to make sure to sign up for races and always have something I'm training for.  Aiden might not think it's as cool because it means he gets strapped into the stroller for runs but he gets a pretty view every time right?

s motivated me to make sure to sign up for races and always have something I'm training for. 

Sunday I didn't get to go for a run because the little guy wasn't feeling well and hubs needed to cook dinner for us so I just took him for a short walk with the dog instead because this way I could

carry him instead and he didn't cry this way.  He wasn't happy the for the photo shoot we tried to do that morning either which means most of the photos are of him sucking his thumb! :-)  Don't worry son, soon enough you will understand that running is my version of sucking my thumb.  Ha!


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Looks like a fun run, bummer it was a little short, but great job all the same.

B.o.B. said...

Way to get back out there! He does look a bit unimpressed though. LOL! Congrats!