Monday, February 24, 2014

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

It has been unseasonably warm in these parts lately which means we have been taking full advantage of the outdoors.  It does worry me for the summer but I'm going to just think about today and enjoy it while I can hopefully we can keep the fires at bay this summer!

Aiden has been a good sport so far on all his Rolling adventures!  He sleeps through most of them and so far has not tired of the stroller.  When he's at home he takes full advantage of the freedom and rolls all over our living room!  It's pretty funny his dad was blocking his path and he tried to roll over him but couldn't so he got really frustrated and attempted to scooch around him but got tired about half way and stopped to take a break and suck his thumb! :-)

I went to REI this weekend to buy a sunscreen for the stroller and they didn't have what I needed so we put an order in.  Hopefully it blocks the wind a little also because spring in NM can be a doozy!  Right now it is just a nice breeze the lulls the lil' man to sleep.

Saturday we went for what was supposed to be an 8 mile run but I ended up doing about 7.2  It was my turn with the stroller and it kept pulling to the right which meant I had to keep correcting the front wheel and my shoulders and arms got soooo tired.  The whole right side of my body was pretty messed up by the end of the run.  Turns out hubs says it was probably just the front wheel needed to be adjusted after he had taken it off to put in the slime.  I turned around early because as hubs ran past me on his way back he yelled where he turned around and that it was the 4 mile mark, well my Garmin said otherwise but I was too tired already to argue so I just turned around.  He finished before me and I guess realized it and ran a little more.  "A" slept for about 5 miles of the run.  It's also a good leg workout pushing that stroller.

Sunday I woke up and did my last spin class and surprised myself by being able to really push it and get a hard workout in!  I was hurting so bad from the day before but I somehow still felt really good during the work out.  We have given up our gym membership due to rising membership fees and the fact that during the week I have to squeeze my workouts in during my lunch in order to be home in time after work to feed "A".  We then did a family 3 mile hike in the foothills and I was beyond exhausted at this point but was so happy we got to do this!!!!  It was an awesome day for a hike and everyone was so happy.  Lexi was super happy because we even got to let her off leash for a tiny bit.  Don't think the thunder buddy is working for her judging by her behavior in the car but that's a story for another day.  I have no idea how "A" slept through some of that off roading that

dad did with him but he did!

I managed to prep a weeks worth of meals, pull some weeds, do more laundry than I've ever had to do in my entire life ("A" peed and pooped on just about everything due to us having to leave him diaper less to collect some stool samples!!) and still watch a movie and hang out with my brother and SIL to play Taboo!  Needless to say I slept very well both nights!!!

My first half marathon post baby is coming up quick!

Happy Training!


Carolina John said...

Yay! We were able to get some great time on the trails and in the garden this weekend too. Very cool.

Michael said...

I am so jealous of the phrase "unseasonably warm". Oh we've had a miserable winter so far.

I can't imagine running and pushing a stroller almost 8 miles, especially on a trail. That's some hard work there!