Monday, February 17, 2014

Handicap Run and Pinterest Fail!

This last week I put in about 17 miles of running and I did some weight lifting as well.  I'm happy with slowly building up my miles and I pushed the stroller for the Saturday 4 mile run which means my legs were a little sore which means they are getting stronger!  I just need to try and start fitting in some swimming and cycling now!  Easier said than done.

Our Saturday run was the part of the Handicap run series we do with our running club and I always have fun at these.  Unfortunately we had to run and go we didn't get to stay and chat.  This was a tribute run for an active running club member that recently passed away suddenly.  That makes two in the running community this last month, both seemed to be sudden and way too young.  Makes me sad to hear and really makes you stop and pause for a moment.  Our thoughts go out to their families. 

I had already told the run coordinator that I would be running with the stroller so she was going to start me a little bit before the others.  But then hubs comes in and tells her that I can run a 9:30 pace with the stroller which I knew was going to be a struggle.  So as I wanted to walk up the hills but didn't and cursed the unseasonably warm weather I didn't stop because I knew he was somewhere close behind me and he had also done himself in saying he could do a faster pace than his usual also.  I pushed myself really hard to keep that pace pretty much got it right on the dot but felt like I was going to puke when I finished.  He just said "you're welcome for making you push yourself!" :-)  Yes we love each other lots and lots believe it or not!

Our Sunday run was a quick 3 miler around the neighborhood and it was hubs turn with the stroller so I took the dog.  Well, we both decided from now on whoever has the stroller will be taking the dog.  He may have been pushing 35 pounds up the hills but I was pulling 35 pounds of stubborn dog up those hills!!!  She doesn't like it when we get separated and as I tried to run at my normal pace she kept pulling behind me trying to get back to hubs and baby and kept looking back.  I mean I was leaning forward and encouraging her that they were ok but nothing worked.  So this run was slower than it should have been for me especially without a stroller I think it ended up being a 10:20 pace!  Oh well that's life!  It makes me stronger right!

So for Valentine's Day hubs and I had agreed not to get each other anything.  He didn't listen.  I thought I could at least do a heartfelt homemade card.  So I went on Pinterest, got a cute idea, then this happened:

Doesn't he look just ecstatic!

needless to say I didn't use my version and I put the lil' man in something he was much happier in:

Grandpa took this pic of him!
Happy Monday and Happy Training!


Carolina John said...

Pinterest fails are hilarious! So glad you had a fun valentines day. It does feel good to be sore, I'm pretty sore today too.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Great Pinterest fail, the little guy doesn't look very thrilled does he! Ha!

Michael said...

It was a cute idea :) I think there is a whole website dedicated to Pinterest fails, so you aren't the first one :)