Monday, March 3, 2014

Double Digits!

I was pretty excited about this weeks workouts for a couple of reasons:

Mon. - 4 mile run with sprints
Tues. - Taught boot camp class at lunch and commuted 10 miles home on my bike
Wed. - 4 mile easy run
Thurs. - 1.5 mile run and weight & abs workout
Fri. - Rest Day
Sat. 10 mile run
Sun. - Unplanned rest day

So a couple of things happened that hadn't happened in a REALLY long time.  I got on a bike other than a spin bike for the first time since pre pregnancy!  I caught a ride to work with hubs and rode my commuter bike home which was about 10 miles uphill and it felt way better than I expected.  Maybe because the heat hasn't hit yet so riding in cooler temps didn't feel as deadly but I swear the hills didn't feel so bad.  That bike is kind of heavy but I was happy that I was able to stay upright and my legs still worked when I got off.  Next I will try riding a little bit longer and on my race bike.  Oh how I've missed that bike!  I'm not going to lie I've had this fear that somehow the bike isn't going to have the same fit but I hope I'm just being ridiculous.  Like as if pregnancy morphed my body so much that I won't be in love with my race bike anymore!! Ahhhh the horror!  We'll find out next weekend!

Then I did my first double digit run post pregnancy!  My head thought 10 miles no prob!  I've done this a million times before and it was hubs turn with the stroller and we are running it on the bosque which is flat this will be a breeze.  Well, there was a strong breeze but that's about the only thing I got right!  My body was like whoa wait you haven't done this in over a year and half what are you thinking!?!!  I felt awesome on the first 5 miles out but then on the way back I could tell I should have had more than a sip of water when I passed hubs because I started getting some serious cotton mouth.  At mile 7 I stopped for a minute and man my legs were so tight.  Then I told myself just run until you hear the next mile buzz and then you can walk for a minute.  By mile 8 my legs were actually in spasms and my miles were at 11 min.  But I finished!! And as hurt, tired, and hungry as I was I was so happy to say I'm back in the double digits!  The rain just barely missed us and hubs said pushing the stroller with the wind was hard.  We stopped at Chipotle and devoured a burrito so fast the lil' man didn't have a chance to get cranky! :-) 
Yes our house cleaning requires a water bottle!  No really I just was putting it away.

The lil' man didn't mind being strapped to my back while I was cleaning he liked the view from higher up!
The only bad thing was that I took an extra day off this week so Sunday I decided to do another rest day due to still recovering and to finding my husband awake and preparing to help me clean the house and making me breakfast.  Yes, I have to brag I actually got to sleep in for once because he took "A" when he woke up and started getting stuff done!  Now he got me use to this and I will hope for this treatment every Sunday! :-)  No?  I shouldn't get my hopes up?  Come on I have faith!  Maybe next week I won't be on strike anymore for cooking! 
Life is good can't complain when my weekend ends with this!

We had a great weekend and feel good to be back to some serious training.  Can't wait to keep building on this base!


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I can't wait for it to warm up so I can ride my bike more to cross train, yay for you getting a bike, great week of workouts too!

The little guy does look like he is enjoying the ride while you clean!

Michael said...

Yeah for double digits! Sounds like it was challenging but you did it! That has to feel pretty good. And double yeah for an outdoor bike ride...I don't even know what that is anymore!

Carolina John said...

Yay for double digits!