Thursday, March 20, 2014

Running of the Greens

A little late for this race report but better late than never?  This was our first road trip with the lil' man so we or I was nervous about spending that much time in a car with him.  But it turned out great!  He got a little cranky when he was tired and really wanted out of his car seat but he took 3 naps both ways and it took us 7-8 hours instead of the usual 6 but I'm calling it a success!  The main purpose of our road trip to Colorado was to get to meet my best friend's son (hopefully his future best friend!)  They were born 2 days apart and no it wasn't planned! 

So why not throw a race into the mix we always have fun running together.  So they also got to do their first race together because we pushed them in the strollers.  Added bonus it was celebrating St. Patrick's day and I got to dress him in a ridiculously cute green outfit.  Green is my favorite color what is yours?  Also St. Patrick's Day has always been my favorite holiday to celebrate.  This year it involved a lot more running and a lot less drinking! :-)  It was a 7k race and I think they did it so they could make the claim that they are the "Largest 7k race in the nation!"  That being said it was soooooo crowded.  It was in the streets of downtown Denver which meant you only had so much space to put people.  On top of that we were in coral 3 to begin which is where strollers, dogs and walkers were supposed to be relegated.  Then before we knew it they had moved coral 3 to another street and we saw them as we were crossing the start line with coral 2 peeps!!! Sorry but we didn't see them move it!!!  Also about half of the people didn't notice this because there were tons of strollers and walkers in this coral.  It was very difficult to weave in and out of people trying to pass.  Which meant that when ever there was an uphill I would try to take advantage of the openings and would sprint past as many people as possible.  People were looking at us like we were crazy but it was the only way we were going to make some forward movement.  It was really hard trying to get around walkers with a stroller.  That being said I'm glad I entered this race just to have fun with my BFF because that's what happened!  I ran it in 10:30 mi splits but I was ok with that considering the crowd and the hills.  "A" was happy he sang through part of the race :-)  It turned out to be a beautiful day for the race too the wind had stopped and it had warmed up!  The festivities were fun and I ran into some unexpected friends there!  The day before we had ran 6 very hilly miles in strong and cold winds but luckily that day wasn't my day with stroller poor hubs had to take him that day.  We needed some extra miles for our half marathon training. 

We also visited the Denver Aquarium while we were there and that place was very crowded as well. "A" seemed more intrigued by the water than by the actual fish but he seemed to enjoy it.  He wasn't feeling claustraphobic from the crowds like his mom was! 

Had an awesome weekend spent with some awesome friends and "A" had a successful road trip.  My perfect vacation, family, friends, running and happy to get home as usual.


Carolina John said...

Sounds like a really great trip! Very cool. Glad the little ones behaved so well.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

The little guy is adorable in green. Green is my favorite color too, and yellow. Sounds like a very crowded race!

Skyline Spirit said...

pretty nice blog, following :)